But it went deeper than that. washington, d.c. office. MALDEF succeeds in persuading Congress to extend voting rights protections to Latinos a decade after the 1965 Voting Rights Act was signed into law. MALDEF files a lawsuit that results in the U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding a lower courts decision that held the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors had gerrymandered districts to exclude Latinos from gaining representation. Last weekend, an attorney for Dominion declined to rule out that Trump could be sued next. MALDEF files a lawsuit in April 2014 on behalf of parents and families seeking to ensure New Mexicos poor and at-risk children receive a sufficient education. As we have said all along, the integrity of the election is much bigger than President Trump. Hes also an accomplished aerospace engineer. patrick colbeck legal defense fund. A federal lawsuit filed by MALDEF in 2016 challenges a 2011 Kern County, California Board of Supervisors five-member districting plan, which includes only one district containing a majority of eligible Latino voters. And that is the official vote.. Patrick Colbeck explained how he encountered blatant violations of voting law and procedure at every step of the process. Patrick experienced one of these dots himself, in person. He went on to count the ways that the election process in Detroit abused four different key areas of vulnerability for vote tampering. The lawsuit leads to a state court ruling in favor of the plaintiffs in July 2018. The NASW Legal Defense Fund (LDF) was to assist NASW members in three areas: First, a fund was created from member contributions to support NASW members with legal fees in cases involving social work issues. What we indeed found in this election is that theres a lot of people that have lived a very healthy life here in Michigan, he quipped. MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) is the leading civil rights voice of the Latino community. And COVID[-19] played a role in their justification to keep us out of there.. Lansing Ex-Michigan Sen. Patrick Colbeck says the state Senate's former Republican leader, Arlan Meekhof, once challenged him to a duel during a caucus meeting, but others in the room recall . !, Kellyanne Conway Finally Divorces Extremely Unattractive Loser Lincoln Projects George Conway President Trump Responds, Must See: Pfizer is Unable to Finish Press Conference Because their Spokespeople Keep Collapsing Hysterical Parody Video by The Babylon Bee, Fauci Gets Fact-Checked: DC Diner Gives Dr. Tony Fauci Much-Needed Feedback, Dr. Peter McCullough On The Holy Grail Of COVID-19 Vaccine Detoxification, Pompeo Takes a Shot at Trump in CPAC Speech (VIDEO). As a matter of fact, they even went to the extreme of putting up cardboard over the windows so nobody could look in to see what was going on. All the red boards that were supposed to be printing out that stuff here were blank. The fund can be public or private and is set up for individuals, organizations, or for a particular purpose. It got into the 6-foot rule, By the way, when I came into the polls I made sure we printed out the actual court ruling that actually put an injunction on that rule. Even without this, the topics in the book cover a wide spectrum. For instance, creating a visual to show the process and flow of election data? Colbeck connects the big picture to the evidence by way of their tactics. U.S. Supreme Court rules in 2006 that the plan denied Latino voters the opportunity to elect a candidate of their choice, in violation of Section 2 of the federal Voting Rights Act. Colbeck testified before the state Senate Oversight Committee in Decemberthat he had evidence showing voter fraud occurred in Michigan, the News noted, a claim that has been debunked by federal officials including former Attorney General William Barr. We dont have a lot of fidelity on that, particularly in the city of Detroit, as to whats happening. In 2012, the Ninth Circuit agrees with MALDEF and strikes down portions of the law. I worked doing cabling design for the space station, and I also am a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist, said Colbeck. Frankly, thats the most important one. Colbeck alluded to the Stalin quote that its he who counts the votes that counts, and to his concern about Detroits lack of tabulated results. Very few officials have access to see these results as they are automatically totaled and moved from polling place, to county, to other machines, and so on. The lawsuit leads to a unanimous Texas Supreme Court ruling in 1989 declaring that the states finance system is unconstitutional. He is a former Republican member of the Michigan Senate, having represented a northwestern portion of Wayne County from 2011 to 2019. The fourth key control point is the tabulation of the vote itself. There was a quiet period of almost four hours prior to the arrival of that truck. He unleashes a shocking discovery involving a Chinese University that even GP was unaware of. This is the type of stuff that happens in a banana republic, not a constitutional republic, said Colbeck. There were at least 136 slots and all we could identify throughout the night were three.. Campaign Created by: Patrick Colbeck The funds from this campaign will be received by Patrick Colbeck. All the evidence is now pointing in one direction, China. So now a third party, with dubious oversight is actually entering data into our first control point of the election, the qualified voter file.. Post author By ; impossible burger font Post date July 1, 2022; southern california hunting dog training . Thisabout whether or not the sanctity of the ballot box has beentampered with! April 04, 2021 04:36 PM. Must have been a cut and paste error on their part from their other filings.What they intended for evil, though, I am confident God will use for good. And yet they kept reporting results. See the Case for Decertification of the Michigan Election was shared with Michigan elected officials on January 6, 2021. Colbeck described the counting of the military ballots as one of the more egregious examples of how coronavirus policy affected the transparency of the vote counting process. Hamilton, ON L8L 4S4. Thank you for being one of God's Warriors for truth. Colbeck, a prominent Trump ally, left office in December 2018 after losing the Republican primary in his bid to run for governor of Michigan. Non-partisan and nonprofit since 1988. MALDEF moves its headquarters to Los Angeles. Texas is in the process of prosecuting one political operative for illegal ballot harvesting, and multiple state legislatures have called for investigations, too. For general inquiries contact: (213) 629-2512, or [email protected] see our list of regional offices. Learn More about LDF's Work to Protect Voting Rights and Support Black Political Engagement. 600, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 682-1300. directions. The 2020 COUP also touches on the roll of the biased media, and reminds us they were the only ones discouraging independent election investigations. Colbeck went on to describe the second important point to safeguard the poll book which is used to verify the identity of anyone who casts a vote in an election. Copyright 2022 Patrick Colbeck Legal Defense Fund - All Rights Reserved. So I kicked an empty box across the floor saying they are trying to steal the election. In July 2020, I stepped down from my position as CEO of the MI Armed Forces Hospitality Center (aka MI Freedom Center) to dedicate my time to preserving the integrity of our elections and our constitutional republic.  In reward for these efforts, Dominion is threatening to sue me for exposing e. MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) opened its doors on August 1, 1968 in San Antonio, Texas. Thank you! Thank you so much to all who are supporting us in this battle for the truth! Hes points out our election results are almost entirely digitized now. The chip was found on the small mother board inside the ES&S DS200 ballot scanner & tabulator. This evil campaign created necessary weaknesses to shape the election battlefield for a Democrat win. In the United States, a legal defense fund (or LDF) is an account set up to pay for legal expenses, which can include attorneys' fees, court filings, litigation costs, legal advice, or other legal fees. Vilma S. Martinez is named president and general counsel of MALDEF. Do Democrats need a past superstar to hold the White House in 2024? I said, Help me out here, I want to understand, it wasnt shared with anyone beforehand, how are you going to communicate your tabulated results to the county and other third parties?, In other words, with all the viewers at home, when CNN and Fox News are going off and [people are] watching updates as to what the status of the votes is in Michigan, hows that being communicated?, Because normally the way its supposed to happen is that you close out a precinct, they have balanced all their books, they have a little printout of the vote tally for that particular precinct and then they will share that vote tally with the public, with the clerks office, with the county, and theyve got like 5 different copies of it that they send across the board. Shalini Sasha Quattlebaum is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Patrick Fisher. The company filed a $1.3 billion lawsuit against Trump's former personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, a similar suit against lawyer Sidney Powell, and a $1 billion suit against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. Colbeck explained that as poll challenger a role distinct from that of poll watcher he could challenge the execution of the voting process at each of his local precincts, if anything illegal was performed. Subscribe to our email list and bookmark LifeSiteNews.com to continue getting our news. A district court and the en banc Ninth Circuit, on a 9-2 vote, conclude in 2011 that the ordinance is unconstitutional. MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) opened its doors on August 1, 1968 in San Antonio, Texas. It has been estimated that this pending case will cost over $1 million to defend properly. Second, the LDF was created to give a voice to NASW and the social work profession in the courts . MALDEF challenges a Texas law denying funding to educate some immigrants. In March 2012, the district court issues interim congressional and state house plans for the 2012 election and creates two new Latino-majority congressional seats and one Latino-majority seat in the state House plan. Patrick Colbeck 47841 Royal Pointe Drive Canton, MI 48187 Donate Online Donate Online Donate Online We use Christian fundraising site GiveSendGo to process funds and collect prayers. Senator Patrick Colbeck is an aerospace engineer, author, former elected official, and former candidate for governor in Michigan. Lies by Dominion legal team not withstanding, I don't have $1 millionnot even in the same ballpark. The lawsuit leads to revised policies and a $50 million settlement in November 2004. February 16, 2023. 4 Family Life Lane Are we there yet? And for the first couple times he said, No I dont know yet. And finally he said, You know what, Im not gonna tell you until after things are done tomorrow. And mind you, this is my primary duty: to monitor the execution of these processes., Colbeck reminded viewers, Theres an old adage attributed to Josef Stalin: Its not he who votes that counts, its he who counts the votes that counts.. So the first thing that I checked out when I got into the AV counting board was the network topology for the computerized tabulators, the electronic poll books, adjudicators, and the election official computers., Colbeck told Stover he found it very concerning that every single one of these computers [used for the voting process], except for the electronic poll books, connected to the internet., Thats kind of interesting, because that opens up the door to a lot of people tapping into this network, he explained. **Photo Credit:Shealah Craighead / White House / Flickr, I walked through again, and I heard about what happened earlier in the day, I think it was 10 am, a message had popped up on a computer screen that startled one of the poll workers, that said, Your computer is being hacked.. "In light of the information that has long been known to you and is additionally set forth above, the only responsible thing for you to do at this point is to publicly and forcefully retract your false claims about Dominion and set the record straight regarding the fake evidence and fake experts you have put forward," the complaint letter added. With guidance from Jack Greenberg, Director-Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, attorney Pete Tijerina meets with Bill Pincus from the Ford Foundation to discuss funding a new organization. The 1975 extension of the VRA leads to the establishment of bilingual ballots and other efforts to ease disenfranchisement of Latinos. MALDEFs reputation for securing equitable political representation was solidified in 1990 after painstaking research and investigation proved that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors had for decades manipulated districts to fragment and disenfranchise the Latino community. He's a former MI State Senator who understands the bureaucracy and its potential for corruption. The events of the past month, and especially the past 10 days, have shaken the faith Americans have in their elected and appoint officials. Others before us have sacrificed much more in the cause of liberty., Patrick J. Colbeck is one of the most fascinating people analyzing our elections. There was pretty much no activity, no counting going on on the floor, which also begs the question of where was this 100,000, or 200,000 vote switch between midnight and 5 a.m.? The lawsuit leads to the election of Gloria Molina, the first Latina and first woman on the board in more than 115 years. There are people a lot smarter than I am that know how to break this in a matter of minutes., When I walked in, one of the first things that I did was I walked around to all the computers. MALDEFs 2004 lawsuit, GI Forum of Texas v. State of Texas, consolidated with three other lawsuits as League of United Latin American Citizens v. Perry, challenges the Texas Legislatures 2003 redistricting plan. And thats where it was left., Commenting on whether there are laws in place prohibiting use of the internet during vote counts, Colbeck said, There [are] laws against manipulating election results. But apparently the memo didnt get out to most of the poll workers. The 2020 COUP includes images, charts, diagrams, letters, emails, and so on. The newspaper said Colbeck did not immediately return a request for comment. We stood up on behalf of day laborers whose rights to freedom of speech were violated by punitive municipal ordinances banning them from soliciting work in public spaces. Inspired by the civil-rights era legal battles mounted on behalf of the African American community and knowledgeable of the pervasive discrimination against Latinos, lawyers and community activists throughout the southwestern United States launched efforts to create a legal organization to serve the Latino community. Youve gotta make sure youre controlling the origins of these ballots, theres a lot of issues around ballot harvesting. Joaquin G. Avila is named president and general counsel of MALDEF. The main topics end at pg. MALDEFs track record of protecting Latinos continued to grow into the 21st century. Jim Hoft is the founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, one of the top conservative news outlets in America. What We Can Do. is one of the best overviews on how the election was stolen. MALDEF represents three undocumented mothers living in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The case led to greater equity of school funding. Please SIGN this petition and Stand With President Trump to ensure that these elections were conducted freely and fairly! MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) is the leading civil rights voice of the Latino community. MALDEFs 50th Anniversary San Antonio Awards Gala Friday, September 28, 2018 The Westin Riverwalk 420 W Market Street San Antonio, TX 78205, MALDEFs 50th Anniversary Los Angeles Awards Gala Thursday, November 8, 2018 JW Marriot at L.A. Live 90 West Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90015, Friday, September 28, 2018 The Westin Riverwalk 420 W Market Street San Antonio, TX 78205, 50th Anniversary Kick-off with Panel Discussion, Washington, D.C. 50th Anniversary Awards Gala. And he told me, No theyre not.. Civil Rights Coalition Releases Report Highlighting Federal Agency Progress and Gaps on Voting Access, Urges the Biden-Harris Administration to Finish the Job, LDF Sends Letter Urging New York to Allocate Funding for the New York Voting and Elections Database and Institute, Civil Rights Groups Send Letter to U.S. Senate Leaders Opposing Efforts to Obstruct D.C.s Revised Criminal Code Act, LDF Issues Response to Texas Governors State of the State Address. Whether on the streets or in schools, in boardrooms or living rooms, in legislative chambers or courthouses right up to the U.S. Supreme Court, MALDEF has earned its reputation as the civil rights law firm of the Latino community. A legacy of fighting for Latino civil rights. The last sentences are certainly worth a mention: We all need to get out of our comfort zone and stick up for the truth regardless of insults and false accusations. You are knowingly sowing discord in our democracy, all the while soliciting exorbitant amounts of money totaling over $1 million so far from your audiences paid directly to your personal business, reads Dominions letter. Patrick Colbeck is a former Candidate for Governor and Two-Term State Senator in Michigan. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Many dots are connected inside The 2020 COUP that help expose you to the big picture. All Rights Reserved. So I was very curious, I was like, how the heck are they doing this?, So I went back to Mr. Thomas repeatedly, kind of like the kid in the backseat on the way to Disneyworld, who says, Are we there yet? Inspired by the civil-rights era legal battles mounted on behalf of the African American community and knowledgeable of the pervasive discrimination against Latinos, lawyers and community activists throughout the southwestern United States launched efforts to create a legal . Front Royal, VA 22630, 157 Catharine St N, Unit 2 This fact should lead us to question how some allegations of voter fraud can be so easily dismissed by state election authorities. Freedom Center is a unique, privately funded hospitality center for members of our Armed Forces traveling through Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). Here are the states where residents will pay the biggest share of their income Texas property tax bill excludes divorced, LGBTQ couples from getting relief. Antonia Hernandez is named president and general counsel of MALDEF. But, since startingthis petition, we have launched a separate petition related to the disputed election outcome, callingon theDepartment of Justice to 'do their job' and engage in meaningful investigations of the mounting evidence of voter fraud. Hint, hint..a 2025 Trump appointment? Later, immigrants from the American South, Black and white, were a native-born stream flowing into this pool of labor. World Economic Forum Urges Public To Eliminate Ownership Of Private Vehicles, EXCLUSIVE First Convicted January 6th Defendant PENS LETTER TO JOE BIDEN on Eve of Sentencing! He likened himself to a kind of floor general of poll challengers, responsible for highlighting issues that other poll challengers brought to his attention. MALDEF draws public attention after a judge rules that school officials in Hidalgo County, Texas violated the First Amendment rights of students expelled from Edcouch-Elsa High School after boycotting classes in protest of school district policies. LDF at Selma: The Voting Rights March of 1965, The Women of Selma: The Backbone of a Movement, What Florida Stands to Lose From its War on Books and Black History, Debunking Myths About Qualified Immunity and Examining its Dangerous Realities, Bad Housing Blues: Discrimination in the Housing Choice Voucher Program in Memphis, Tennessee. The stuff that was really egregious, and frankly a threat to election integrity, wasnt that exciting. Ann Marie Tallman named president and general counsel of MALDEF. It also explains what we as citizens can do about it. Election fraud claims against Dominion, which issues voting machines to counties across the country and 66 of Michigan's 83 counties, have been fostered by Trump and his allies. You always want to make sure that you can trace that breadcrumb through. I was tired. So what they were doing was, in many cases, whenever they were processing a ballot or ballot envelope or signature, rather than giving us an opportunity to verify the data on that, because they were 6 feet back, they would immediately flip it over on the side so that you couldnt read what you needed in order to verify the integrity of the process. Visit AmericanGulag.org to learn how to help the prisoners of the protest on January 6th. Dominion Voting Systems released a statement demanding former Michigan state Sen. Patrick Colbeck retract "false claims" he has made alleging the company of fraud in public presentations. MALDEF files a lawsuit that results in the U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding a lower courts decision that held the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors had gerrymandered districts to exclude Latinos from gaining representation. John D. Trasvia named president and general counsel of MALDEF. Vilma S. Martinez is named president and general counsel of MALDEF. Served Two 4-yr Terms in Michigan Senate. Reporters Notebook: What did Blinken tell his Russian counterpart? We are fighting back against the Texas statute SB 4, which requires local governments to participate in enforcing federal immigration law. Texas GOP votes to censure Rep. Tony Gonzales over support on gun, same-sex Three things to know about what critics are calling Mississippis Jim Michael Steele on Marjorie Taylor Greene: Just shut the hell up, Twitter discloses another possible government censorship effort, Watch live: Trump, Bolsonaro and more take the stage on Day 3 of CPAC, Judiciary Democrats go after GOP whistleblowers in FBI probes. For each one of those control points, Ive got a whole list of issues that were cited throughout the process that should raise concern about the fairness of this election.. Some people are more important than others apparently because they get two votes, the rest of us only get one.. I dont care if you do it by throwing in a whole bunch of extra ballots or whether or not you decide to be savvy with SQL databases. MALDEF attorneys represented the students. Patrick can take complicated issues and explain them in easy to understand terms. Now I am being threatened with a lawsuit by Dominion for exposing the election fraud that I and others witnessed. Normal operating hours are 6:00 am until midnight. Thomas A. Saenz named president and general counsel of MALDEF. Our history is replete with victories that have had broad societal impact in each of these areas. Our commitment is to protect and defend the rights of all Latinos living in the United States and the constitutional rights of all Americans. U.S. Supreme Court rules in 2006 that the plan denied Latino voters the opportunity to elect a candidate of their choice, in violation of Section 2 of the federal Voting Rights Act. 21 May. We are challenging private businesses that discriminate against immigrants. In 2009, Thomas A. Saenz returned to MALDEF as President and General Counsel. MALDEF challenges a Redondo Beach anti-solicitation ordinance as a violation of the First Amendment guarantee of free expression. February 17, 2023. Last year, Colbeck was one of three senators who voted against $128 million in supplemental funding to help Flint address its water contamination crisis. If it will help others understand easier, hell create detailed flow diagrams on a whim. Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Copyright 2020 MALDEF | Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. They have been successful at silencing our voice in the media. The anti-Latino measure denied public services, including enrollment in public schools, based on immigration status. Vote Smart provides free, unbiased, in-depth information about current officials, candidates, issues, legislation, and voting. Located close to the center of the McNamara Terminal, near Delta's Gate A43, we are open every day of the year. A district court and the en banc Ninth Circuit, on a 9-2 vote, conclude in 2011 that the ordinance is unconstitutional. MALDEF successfully moves to intervene in January 2015 in a lawsuit filed by Texas and 26 other states to President Obamas November 2014 announcement of Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA), and the expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiative. He says the perpetrators should be tried for sedition. Additional expenses are incurred for private investigators, expert witnesses, travel, and other expenses necessary to make an effective legal defense. A judge agreed that the expulsions violated the students constitutional right to protest. MALDEF sues the national clothing retailer challenging recruiting and hiring practices that exclude minorities and women, in violation of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. _____________________________________________________________________. Patrick Colbeck Legal Defense Fund Home Press Releases Petition Reference Donate About Patrick Don't Let them get away with election fraud! MALDEF is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with regional offices throughout the United States. And when they dont, even if its off only by one, that precinct is not subject to a recount. ___________________________________________________________________, On Wednesday, President Trump tweeted: "We will be INTERVENING in the Texas (plus many other states) case. The MPMC building also serves as a unique professional environment primarily for other non-profit organizations that provide assistance to minority and other underserved communities.